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The prayers on this page are also being prayed by The Episcopal Community
Please pray for my mother in this challenging time. Please pray for her recovery.
- John S. W.
Father, may Your healing hands be upon my father who has a metastatic cancer. Bless me and my wife in our fertility journey. I pray for the monetary resources to have children, go to nursing school and live a debt free life.
- Katia B.
Father, I pray that you may guide me on this journey. The journey I have been on for so long. Lord, guide me and help me find a church I can belong in. One where I can glorify and praise you. And where your calling for me may be amplified.
- Robbie W.
I pray that Jesus will allow me to read the Bible without feeling anger and shame; to guide me through my life and give me a sense of his presence even when I feel alone and full of sin.
- -S
Lord, please help me discern my spiritual calling. Please also be with my family, blessing us as you see fut after the passing of Dad.
- Rick H.
Lord I pray for guidance and for this moment I experience difficult times in my life. In the name of the LORD I pray. Amen.
- Ethan R.
Lord I pray for guidance and patience while applying for colleges and scholarships. May you guide me to the correct path to my future.
- Claire D.
I pray that our immigration process goes smooth, fast and without problems.
- Olga R.
I pray for Kathy, our loving sister, who inspired us all my her strength and courage. Her voice was from the angel's and one could feel the Holy Spirit when she sang. God bless you Kathy
- Rick D