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The prayers on this page are also being prayed by The Episcopal Community
Lord please help those from our hometown who were in the bus wreck in Tennessee... we know many who have died and many who are suffering. Please heal them and give them peace during this difficult time.
- Marianne Y.
Lord, please give me guidance in ways to better serve you. Let me know if the diaconate is where you want me. I will gladly follow where you ask me to go.
- Rick S.
I pray for my husband. I pray that he is kind and gentle to my sons, he feels peace, feels appreciated, and is full of love and joy. I pray the Holy Spirit touch his heart and guides him. I pray for a peaceful home.
- Whitney B
I pray for my 15 year old son, Winton, that he can control his impulses, and stop his destructive behavior. I pray for the Lord guide him and send positive people to guide and influence him.
- Whitney B
I pray that I will be no longer embarrassed about my faith
- Mitch O
At my gym and church may I meet a superb supportive network. Pray that I have a firm friendship with Sarah. Let my relationship with Jesus be paramount. I claim the victory in Jesus name. Amen
- Lyndon C. (Sat. 28 Sept)
I pray that our Lord will help me clear my mind and soul. I have dealt with so many issues; and I'm still trying to cope. I also pray that He blesses me with a job soon.
- Shawnee "Jade" M.
I pray that embarking on this spiritual journey will be a fruitful experience and that I may receive clarity and focus in my life.
- Camille P.
Father I pray thee to guide me, please Lord forgive my sins. I need your presence in my life. I feel empty now but I know that your grace will eventually set me free from the bondage of my sins. I'm nothing without you Lord. Praise and Glory only to You!
- Fotis B.