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I ask for your prayers that I am able to find a job soon after being unemployed since December. It's my hope that I can provide for my family and glorify God in my new career. Thank you for your prayers.
- Walker
Dear Lord, please give my brother and his family peace. He just lost his place of living in a fire. He worked all his life, now he lost everything. His son is in the hospital with 70% burn and my brother has 2nd degree burn on his hands and now their homeless without money on the street of Sacramento. Please help them recover beautifully. Amen
- Irene Tritt
Please bestow on President Trump compassionate wisdom and mercy for all of God's creatures.
After years of irresponsible drinking, and now just recently living in sobriety, I find myself left with absolutely no money. This is a terrifying prospect. Lord, please help me to work my program, rely on my AA friends, and follow my sponsor's instructions. Help me to stay focused and calm, but most of all to trust and rely upon you. Amen.
Please pray for my son, Chris who is currently deployed to Afghanistan with the 101st Airborne division.
- Sharia G
Please pray I'm able to find my career path, to fulfill my purpose as God wishes. Struggling a lot with confidence and my depression.
- Katie
Please pray for my Country South Sudan our lives in the refugee comp as the conflict continued.
- Salah R
My mother recently had 2 strokes. She is still recovering, but is currently in senior care. She hasn't been home in over a month. I pray she will recover soon.
- Jeremy Largent
Please pray for my friend Horace who is recently diagnosed with cancer. I pray that his treatment is successful, with no complications, and that his health is restored.