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Dear Heavenly Mother: Please help me to continue to be grateful for all of your manifold blessings not be resentful or ungrateful of things I don't have
- Mark
Please pray for Matthew who is trying to find his way in life and is going through a truly difficult time right now. Help him to focus and make right decisions. Help both he and his mother Rhonda find a way to communicate. They love each other dearly but are finding it difficult to communicate. Let Matthew begin to hope his heart and mind to those who are willing to help and guide him the right direction and help him find his way in life not just when times are difficult but looking ahead to better days.
- Aj
Please pray Casey continue to seek God for strength, peace as we move forward in our relationship toward a Godly, loving, loyal, healthy, lasting marriage. Please pray I know how to be the support he needs, strengthening his trust in being able to lean on me. Pray God bring us closer during this trial to emerge from the storm stronger and more devoted to one another.
- Angela Sivley
pray for healing for Sandra Russell from St Alban's in Spooner Wisconsin.
- Scott K. Russell
Praying for those ensnared by addiction, and those who have died because of it. Praying this morning for Scott who died last night and his Mom Deb who must live with this senseless loss.
- Sally H.
Lord, please guide the rest of the Anglican communion toward a policy of love and tolerance.
- Anon
Please pray for former classmate Brooke. She is a selfless and wonderful young mother of five who recently was diagnosed with cancer. She keeps her family running smooth with children whose ages range from three to eleven. She is also a compassionate, dedicated and hardworking Deputy Sheriff. She has spent her adult life helping those in need as an EMT and now as a police officer.
- Bryan H
Please pray Casey swiftly and with determination continues taking the steps necessary to protect our future marriage, building trust between us. Please pray God wrap him in peace, confidence and faith that the storm will pass and that the future in front of us will be magnificent. Pray he immediately proves his intentions and follows thru accordingly, furthering our relationship.
- Angela Sivley
Heavenly Father, please give us the strength to love one another, especially when it's easier to hurt one another.
- Rick S.