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I ask for healing of my body as I begin radiation and chemo next week. I am nervous about this whole process; but I am also anxious and worried about my financial situation because I live alone and support myself, but I am out of work until my course of treatment is done (early next summer!). Not sure how I will manage rent, household expenses, and groceries with no income. I know I shouldn't worry about such things...and our God will provide...but it's hard NOT to worry. Please pray for my healing, for strength, and for comfort (both physically and spiritually). Thank you.
- Marty T.
For daughter & family. Husband involved in infidelity. She needs to make wise decisions. Needs hope, encouragement and wisdom. He is deceitful, dark and selfish. He will not leave the other woman. Wants to remain in marriage while involved in this affair. Serious papers must be signed within this week. Please pray that he will follow through and comply as he has said he will do.
- Sue A.
I ask that you please pray that my daughter, Mary, and I be reconciled. I have not seen her since she was 14, and she is now 27 and living in Japan. She was lied to and emotionally abused (as was I) by her father and that carried over into a bitter custody dispute. I've never had the chance to give her the facts; time is running out. I have no way to reach her, even by email. I need a miracle. Her heart needs to be softened and touched by God so that she will reach out to me. I love her more than life. Thank you with all my heart for remembering us in your prayers.
- Joanie
praying for roberts new job and new daycare for anna and jacob also affordable apartment and second job for crystal
- crystal gardner
Asking for Prayers for healing of my body. They have found a mass on right lung.
- Kathy Emmons
Please hold Andi in your prayers. She has been admitted to the hospital with elevated heart enzymes.
- Patti P
Please pray for Zoe Hastings and her family.
- Virginia
Please pray that my friend will love me the way I love her. I really want a relationship with her. I want to care for her. Please pray that if it be the Lord's will that she will learn to love me.
- Brandon
Por mi abuelito Moisés Irra Samano que Dios lo tenga en su santa gloria We love you
- Familia Irra