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The prayers on this page are also being prayed by The Episcopal Community
Please pray for my friend from church who is battling with cancer.
- Sean
Strength for my father-in-law for the next three weeks, after his last chemotherapy treatment... Will for my mother, so that she finds her reason to exist... A cure for our friend and her family, who has the will and love surrounding her, and needs the results to match... God to all of their families and friends, so that they may find peace.
- Brian
My sister was laid off from work in mid April. The company went bankrupt and left all holding the bag. Since then, her unemployment has run out and she hasn't landed a job. I pray that God sends the "right" opportunity her way and that her faith stays steadfast and resilient. GOD is setting things up right now and we thank him for HIS grace and mercy.
- Dj M.
My mother has suffered a second stroke and is in need of healing prayers, please.
- Erik E
For Jim,Rodney, Marcella and the Congregation of Saint Paul's, Jeffersonville, Indiana; and for Joni
- Fr/ Fred Crysler
Please pray for me as I try to come back to Christianity after years of sadness, loneliness, and of being lost.
- Megan Miranda
apartment for anna and jacob within a week
- crystal gardner-asher
I pray for all peoples to have healing and peace. I pray for all people to have prosperity and comfort.
- Chris U
Please pray that I may be healed in body and spirit.
- Mike