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The prayers on this page are also being prayed by The Episcopal Community
For Korby Kennedy, killed in the line of duty, San Angelo police department
- Hope B
Peace, open communication, acceptance & love to abound in this relationship. And for my spouse to be to be open to Christ.
- Summer B
Please pray for me as I struggle with my come down and withdraws from drug use. Pray that I am able to conquer my addiction and remain sober. Also, please pray for my mental health and happiness as the drug MDMA takes its tole on me. I feel unstable and unhappy. With God's help, I'll get through this.
- Brandon G
Been struggling with despair, fear, and being unable to forgive myself for mistakes I have made and made amends for. Please pray that God may comfort me and be there for me.
- Jade
Please pray that my wife and I get through this difficult time and come out happier and stronger together.
- RS
Healing for Heather Cook, the Palermo family, and the Diocese of Maryland
- Scott Slater
Prayers requested for wisdom, healing, understanding and guidance.
- JM
Prayers for all who lead our churches and faith communities as they gather for #GC78.
Please pray for me that I can open my heart to God and to others again after having my trust betrayed.
- AB