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The prayers on this page are also being prayed by The Episcopal Community
Please pray that my friend, Glenda Justice, will be healed from cancer. Also, please pray for Chuck Keefe that he and I will be reunited and that God will change his mind about what he is doing now. Thank you,
- "Sydney" S.
Healing prayers for Janet, who was admitted to the hospital today.
- Andi
Dear Lord, may Dylan feel your presence around him wherever he ... a presence which he cannot ignore.
- Patti Joy
Pray for me to be a better disciple of Christ since ordination isn't a option for me I'm relating to Peter in many ways
- Peter Meeker
Dear Lord, I am broken. I beg you to help me regain my faith. I am lost without you.
I pray that my husband's surgery on Thursday, March 26th is successful.
- DeniseB
I pray that I find a church to join and bring me closer to you Lord. I pray that I find my way in life
- Lenore
Pray for excellent healing of an acute compression fracture, L2 lumbar injured at work falling backwards over a small trash can Feb.11. I am retiring June 1 and the timing of the injury along with Lent is so fascinating. I work half days mornings in an elementary school. Pray for energy and continued bone growth.
- Carla
I pray for Ned - that he experience a healing miracle to rid him of ALS.
- ak