2017 Liturgical Arts Conference


Gray Center
1530 Way Road Canton
United States
Friday, November 10, 2017 to Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Liturgy begins and ends with the work of Clergy and Laity alike. To care for the sacred vessels, the bread, the wine, the fair linens, the hangings, the candles and torches, to prepare the music used for worship in the Sanctuary is far more than a task, it is a true ministry. We are told that all things must be done "properly and in good order." It is the work of all that makes it possible to do so. The contribution of each person is important; together those contributions are a devotion to the greater Glory of God.

This conference offers participants the opportunity to study with practitioners and artisans deeply steeped in their area of expertise.

Come away to relax and renew while taking classes in Iconography, Vestment Making, Praying the Rosary, Mandalas, Walking the Labyrinth, Needlepoint, Congregational Song, Flowers, children in Worship, Prayer Shawls, and Stations of the Cross.

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