The Abundant Life Garden Project: Children's Program for General Convention

Monday, July 02, 2012 to Wednesday, July 11, 2012


Children's Participation during General Convention 2012
A program for children ages birth to completed Grade 5 (as of June 2012)

Join us at General Convention 2012 for a Program of the Children’s Ministries of the Episcopal Church and the Diocese of Indianapolis, in partnership with Waycross Center, Episcopal Relief & Development, and National Episcopal Health Ministries.

Why Children at General Convention?

  • Children are a part of the Episcopal Church and Anglican Communion, it is essential they are present.
  • To witness the course of history the church will take for the next three years.
  • To participate in the worship and activities of the church.

What is happening with Children during General Convention? Consider the importance of your children;

  • Participating in the daily liturgy,
  • Seeing and experiencing the Indianapolis Area
  • Engaging in an outstanding collaborative program with Episcopal Relief & Development’s Abundant Life Garden Project.

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For more information, click to email Ruth-Ann Collins, Adult Formation and Lifelong Learning Officer, or call her at (212) 716-6051.