Family Friday Pizza & Movie Night

Thursday, January 17, 2013

It’s Friday night, you made it through the week, the kids are hungry, and you’re too tired to cook. Bring the whole family to Charlotte’s Place (107 Greenwich Street in Lower Manhattan) at 6 PM on January 18th for free Family Friday Pizza & Movie Night.  In Ice Age, animals must migrate south in order to survive the impending ice age.  A talkative sloth named Sid befriends Manny, a loveable wooly mammoth, and Diego, a saber tooth tiger, when they rescue a human infant that has strayed from his tribe.  They go on a wild adventure to reunite the child with his family while braving the elements and trying to stay alive.

Charlotte’s Place is a free space in Lower Manhattan.  Open to everyone, it is supported and operated by Trinity Wall Street, an Episcopal parish in the city of New York.

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