Gentle Pathways Retreat


Valle Crucis Conference Center
Valle Crucis
United States
Monday, April 01, 2019 to Friday, April 05, 2019

Facilitated by the Rev. Tamara Franks

Lodging in the Inn
$463 full (program, meals, and lodging inclusive); $278 commuter

Follow Gentle Pathways to hope, grace...and maybe even some grit through immersing your Spirit in nature’s beauty, calm, quiet, thoughtfulness, awe, hospitality - and some good-hearted belly laughter. You decide how much and to what level you participate in hikes, nature meditations, finding your way to a waterfall or just enjoying an open field. If the weather is full of sun or clouds, dry air or precipitation, again you choose your engagement with Creation in all of its forms. Deepening your sense of being through connecting with nature, noticing the balm that soothes your soul or the adrenaline that charges your spirit, our hope is that you find rest, renewal and recharge in a few days connected to the mountains of Appalachia.

Rev. Tamara Franks is a product of a Texas corn/cotton farm, loves the land and everything about it. In her rich and varied life she has been a head cook, science teacher, house cleaner, missionary, lecturer, minister and trip guide in Colorado, Maine, Washington and California. Arriving in the High Country of North Carolina and at High Country United Church of Christ in July 2014, she discovered a wonderful sense of compassion, a joy for these mountains and all nature, and a group of people seeking to find ways to live into God’s Church. Tamara sees humanity as co-creators with God, actively participating in creation “as we live, breathe, consume, create, love, hurt, maim, heal, etc.” She understands “salvation as the awakening to those moments of Emmanuel—God with us—each moment of each day.”

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