Mary Magdalene as Spiritual Guide

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

(Thursday 9:00 – 4:00)

Quiet Day

The story of Mary Magdalene reveals what it means to be fully present to God and to bear witness to God’s life-giving acts. She is, therefore, a model for all who seek a deeper relationship with the holy and for any who would serve as a spiritual companion to others.

You are invited to experience spiritual direction through the story of Mary Magdalene. The day will include readings, group exercises and prayer that will lead you into reflection on four aspects of the spiritual journey. The day will be accompanied by four original sculptures of Mary Magdalene that are meditations on the arc of her ministry and witness.

Heather Sisk is a sculptor and spiritual director in New York City who earned her M.A. in Spiritual Direction from General Theological Seminary. In the field of medical arts known as anaplastology, she uses wax, silicone and acrylic to sculpt for patients in need of facial prostheses

Program fee $75 (includes lunch)

Program check-in 8:30am Thursday