MELODEON: Iconic 19th and 20th Century American Music to Benefit Epiphany Arts

Sunday, June 09, 2013

4 pm

Tickets:          Free will donation to benefit Epiphany Arts

MELODEON presents a special end-of-season concert to benefit Epiphany Arts featuring an unusually broad selection of iconic but rarely performed American music heard in the during the 19th and early 20th Century: Synagogue music for voice and harmonium; Ernst Bacon songs on poetry of Whitman, Dickinson and Sandburg; a performance on a rare 1902 Mustel Art Harmonium of Australian/American Percy Grainger’s “The Immovable Do”; Afro-American Spirituals arranged by Margaret Bonds and Hall Johnson, plus music for two unusual 49-note vintage Schoenhut American toy pianos. Church of the Epiphany is a beautiful venue that hosts and presents many concerts.  A fine acoustic space, Epiphany also possesses a beautiful pipe organ and a fine 1920s restored Mason & Hamlin small grand piano.


Artis Wodehouse playing a 1902 Mustel Art Harmonium and piano

Marti Newland, soprano

George Spitzer, baritone


- 19th Century American Synagogue music by Louis Lewandowski and Jacob Sandler for harmonium and baritone

- Six songs by Ernst Bacon on poetry by Whitman, Dickinson and Sandburg

- Four Notes: a Cycle of Solfegic Pieces by Ernst Bacon for Schoenhut toy pianos

- Afro-American Spirituals arranged by Margaret Bonds and Hall Johnson

- The Immovable Do for Mustel Art Harmonium by Percy Grainger