Practicing Presence: How can we find God in one another?

Friday, October 18, 2013

(Saturday 9:00 – 4:00)

We’ll begin by finding and nurturing God within us using simple chants and global songs as icons of divine presence. We’ll find places of comfort and repose, and learn to negotiate the uncomfortable places, encouraging one another as icons of that presence, too. We will attend to the sense of how we sing what we sing, reflecting on the things we tell ourselves and others, and learning to make our lives a communal offering. This is the work of the Spirit at play. We will coax her from her hiding places. She will leap out and surprise us when we least expect it. Warning: You may have epiphanies in the context of group learning. Transformation, fun, and improvisation are highly likely to happen in a roomful of strangers.

Ana Hernández, SCHC is a composer, writer, and workshop facilitator. She has produced seven CDs and is the author of The Sacred Art of Chant: Preparing to Practice. Her passion is using singing to transform prayer and build open-hearted, engaged communities. She edited the upcoming hymnal One Heart, One Song from the All Saints Company, and her most recent recording is An Unexpected Christmas, with the Virginia Girls Choir.

Program fee $75 (includes lunch)

Check-in 8:30 am Saturday