Praying with Origen: what the Church’s misunderstood genius has to teach us today


Valle Crucis Conference Center
Valle Crucis
United States
Friday, March 15, 2019

10:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m.
Facilitated by the Rev. Joshua Bowron

Johnson Hall
$46 for full program and lunch

In the mid third century Origen of Alexandria essentially set the tone for the Christian intellectual tradition and developed Trinitarian theology nearly 100 years before the council of Nicaea. A thinker of unparalleled genius, he was marked as a heretic four hundred years after his death. The Episcopal church is currently revising its understanding of Origen. Join us at Valle Crucis for a day of more deeply understanding Origen, his impact on the Church, and his powerful advice on prayer and the object of our prayer.

The Reverend Josh Bowron is the rector of St. Martin’s Episcopal Church in Charlotte, North Carolina. He initially met the work of Origen in a class at the Advanced Degrees Program at the School of Theology at the University of the South, which led to his art installation at the Center for the Study of World Religions at Harvard Divinity School, “Cartoons in the Desert,” now part of the permanent collection, which is set to be on display again in 2020.

Josh lives in Charlotte with his wife, four chickens, three children, two cats, and one perfect dog.


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