Quiet Day

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

(Wednesday 9:00 – 4:00)

Waiting, the Pause that Progresses        

Waiting is inevitable: waiting for something or someone, waiting with anticipation or waiting to resolve an issue, for test results, for recovery from illness, or waiting for the power of grief to diminish. How can we link our waiting in contemporary life to “waiting on God,” a theme in the Psalms? Three meditations will be offered at a restful pace with time for personal reflection and prayer. Those who wish to share will have an opportunity in the afternoon. We may laugh at ourselves as we recall stories of our active impatience. We will consider a perspective for waiting, progressing into a deeper hope and warmer relationship with God. After teaching nurses in South Africa for ten years, June Terry, SCHC, earned an MA in New Testament, including a focus on Paul’s thoughts of hope being created in struggle. She has taught and served as administrator in colleges and seminaries, is commissioned as a lay nursing home chaplain, and has led many retreats. June has written devotional materials for various denominations, writing for Forward Day by Day (2013) and currently for the 2014 Daybook.

Program fee $75 includes lunch (silent with music)

Program check-in 8:30 am Wednesday

Advanced registration is required, visit www.Adelynrood.org for details.

Kathryn Ostertag, Assistant Manager