Trinity Institute’s 46th National Theological Conference Presents: WATER JUSTICE


​Trinity Church Wall Street
New York
United States
Wednesday, March 22, 2017 to Friday, March 24, 2017

In the Book of Genesis, we learn that before there was light or plants or living creatures on Earth, there was water.  Water is a heavenly gift, essential to sustaining all forms of life of Earth. As water crises increase, access to safe and clean drinking water decreases – particularly for the poor and marginalized.     

Faith communities worldwide can helpWith a sharp focus on the need for water justice initiatives in areas of access, droughts, pollution, rising tides, and flooding, Trinity Institute will offer actionable guidance at Water Justice, a global conference held in New York City and webcast all over the world.  Individuals, congregations, and the larger faith community are welcome to attend either in person, at a partner site or online. 

The Rev. Dr. William Lupfer, rector of Trinity Church Wall Street, said “The global water crisis looks different depending on where you are. But every aspect of the problem – from droughts to floods to pollution – is made worse by climate change. Around the globe, the poor and vulnerable pay the highest price. As a global community, we can, through our choices, our advocacy, and our actions, address these issues that threaten our shared humanity.”

This conference, infused with spiritual principles and common prayer along with science and solutions, allows the examination of what connects and empowers us to take unified, faith-based action on the front lines of the water justice movement.

Speakers at the conference include acclaimed climate change, conservation and social justice experts and advocates Jeffrey Sachs, Maude Barlow, Winston Halapua, Katharine Hayhoe, Christiania Peppard, and Thabo Makgoba.

The conference will be held at Trinity Church (Broadway at Wall Street, New York City); registration is open now for on-site participants and video-linked partner sites. Partner sites—in­cluding churches, cathedrals, seminaries, and other organizations—are located throughout the United States and abroad and offer all aspects of the conference, either in real time via webcast or via video at a later time. Participants attending the conference in real time onsite or via partner site can submit questions for speakers during the live Q&A. Onsite reflection groups are coordinated using materials prepared and provided by Trinity Institute.

“Trinity Institute 2017 will offer participants a deeper appreciation for water as a sacred gift and sustainer of life. They will gain a thorough understanding of the relationship between water issues and climate change and learn how and what individuals, organizations, and societies can do to mitigate and adapt to water issues of access, pollution, drought, flooding, and rising tides,” said Bob Scott, director of Trinity Institute.

Trinity Institute: Water Justice, is one of several events associated with “JustWater,” an initiative organized by St. George’s Cathedral (Cape Town), St. Paul’s Cathedral (London), Trinity Church Wall Street (New York) and St. Paul’s Cathedral (Melbourne) to raise awareness and activism about water. The initiative is launching, an open resource to help equip community and church leaders as advocates for water justice. JustWater is intended to grow to include other organizations that wish to participate, bringing together business, science, religion and the arts to help deepen understanding and build a shared community for action.

Attendees may qualify for Continuing Education Units (CEUs).

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