National Association of Episcopal Schools (NAES) Biennial Conference 2012

Wednesday, November 14, 2012 to Friday, November 16, 2012

Our Theme: The Gift of Joy and Wonder in All Your Works
In a world that increasingly defines educational excellence and success solely in terms of test scores and college admissions, Episcopal schools are countercultural in that they seek to build lives, not simply résumés. The conference will celebrate and explore programs, strategies, and ways of being in Episcopal schools that support and nurture this central tenet of Episcopal education.

How do creativity, play, pastoral care, spiritual development, and the celebration of each person's unique gifts contribute to the educational ethos in our schools? How can Episcopal schools help students, families, and all members of the school community depressurize and re-engage with the joy and wonder of education, life, and the world around them? These are but a few of the questions attendees will explore.

Krista Tippett to Give Keynote Address
Krista Tippett, the noted author and host of National Pubic Radio's On Being, will give the keynote address during the Plenary Breakfast on Friday, November 16, 2012. Learn more about Krista Tippett.

Who Should Attend:
Heads of school, Early Childhood Education program directors, rectors, trustees, vestry members, chaplains and teachers of religion, senior administrators and faculty members, diocesan and regional school leaders, education professionals and consultants and friends are encouraged to come together to learn, teach, share, network, celebrate, and give thanks.

Biennial Conference, held in the fall of even number calendar years, is the premier gathering of Episcopal school leaders from around the Episcopal Church U.S.A., as well as a small but growing number of leaders from other parts of the Anglican Communion. The Conference's professional development opportunities are designed to support and strengthen the leadership and governance of our schools and the articulation of their Episcopal identity.