Non-Violent Living: Made in the Image of God - The Myriad Forms of Sexual Abuse: from Cradle to Grave

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Please join the L.O.V.E. [1] Task Force on Non-Violent Living on February 21st, 2013, 7 PM, as we gather together to address the myriad forms of sexual assault, from cradle to grave. Not for women only, this is the fourth in a monthly series of events responding to interpersonal violence in all its forms. Continuing to look at interpersonal violence through a theological lens, we join our Anglican Primates issuing an Episcopal mandate of awareness, identification and prevention[2], as well as the leaders of the American Medical Association and the Centers for Disease Control, by recognizing “sexual violence as widespread”. [3]  We will meet in the sanctuary of The Church of the Holy Trinity for a shared discussion respecting one another as made in the image of God. We will come together in Spirit to break silences, strengthening our church and wider community to be a resource in safety and solidarity, not a roadblock for healing.  We vow to make it a sanctuary and a place where honest dialogue within church walls and beyond can begin to create healing and the transformation of lives, relationships, families, and communities.

[1] L.O.V.E.: “Liberate Ourselves, Value Everyone”.

[2] The Primates of the Anglican Communion, Dublin, Ireland, January 2011.

[3] C.D.C., A.M..A., 2013.


Dr. Victoria Rollins