Church of the Ascension, Forsyth, MT

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Stephen C. Day - Lay Minister

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The Church of the Ascension in Forsyth is located on the third location for an Episcopal Church in town.  The following history of the Episcopal Church in Forsyth is found in They Came and Stayed: Rosebud County History (1977 by Western Printing and Lithography: Billings, Montana).

The Episcopal Church has a long history in Forsyth. The first services in this area were held by Bishop Brewer, the famous pioneer Bishop of Montana, in the early 1890’s.

Services were first held in homes. In 1905 the church bought a lot for a building site, which is now part of the Court House block. Five years later this lot was taken over by the county for the new Court House, and the Church bought a lot on the south side of the Northern Pacific Railroad tracks at the corner of the main highway and 8th Street. In 1916 a small frame church was built on these lots and given the name Ascension Church. This served the congregation until 1967. That year a new church was built on North 15th Street, which more adequately served the congregation.

The following clergymen served the Episcopal Church in Forsyth: J. F. Pritchard, John Evans, W. S. W. Raymond, Frank Durant, J. L. Craig, Richard Price, Erik Wright, John Beaven, Thomas Sewell, Delbert Acuff Jr., and Charles Mitchell.

The location of the original Episcopal Church in Forsyth was 205 S. 10th Avenue, which is currently where the Sundowner Inn is located.


380 15th Avenue North
Forsyth, MT 59327
United States