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The prayers on this page are also being prayed by The Episcopal Community
I pray for all who are transgender, for they receive much needless suffering. I pray for all who cannot see it in their hearts to accept their transgender friends and family, that their hearts may be softened
- Bruce K
Please pray for guidance for me and my doctors. Please pray that they will determine the cause of my vision issues, for healing, and safe recovery if surgery is necessary.
- Yvette
For Jason, Heather, Family and Loved One for the Unexpected Loss of their Mother Leslie on May 20th
- Patricia K
I ask your prayers for me as on June 12 I will lose my modest home of nearly 19 years. Unemployed and underemployed for more than 5 years, I have nowhere to go. I ask every day that God direct me and give me strength. Pray for strength, please.
- Suzanne T.
I ask for your prayers regarding my financial situation. I am now a single mom of 2 boys with no help. I pray for relief from worry.
- Whitney D
Please pray for my recovery from crystal meth and alcohol addiction and that through the experience be drawn closer to my Lord, Jesus Christ, and discover my calling for this life. Thank you!
- Chris C.
Please pray that my life turns around for the better -- that I may get hired and no longer be unemployed and that I may meet someone who comes to truly love me.
- Ashley R.
I ask for your prayers to renew the Episcopal congregation of St. Peter's. We suffer from selfishness. We are rapidly losing our vision and our voice to proclaim the power and truth of the Gospel throughout our community.
- Christine W.
Pray for justice, healing and peace for my son and I during a difficult divorce involving a now-defrocked priest. Pray for wisdom, leadership and moral courage.
- Susan S.