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The prayers on this page are also being prayed by The Episcopal Community
Please pray for my husband Mike - who at the age of 45 is dealing with a MAJOR flair up of his ADD. He's about to loose his job and has literally "given up" and resigned himself that this is the best he will ever be. In Jesus' name. Amen
- Brenda F
I pray that everyone gets their power back on soon and that we don't have anymore bad weather here. I pray for the sick.
- Melissa L.
O lord I pray for the soul of my Russian ex wife so that she may return to the path of light and find her happiness in your peace. I pray that you let her see and understand that you are a forgiving and loving God.
- Rick M.
Please pray that Andy will find employment.
- Dolores G.
Please pray for my mother, Eileen, who is recovering from knee replacement surgery. Also help me (Michael) find a closer relationship to Jesus Christ. Thank you!
- Michael P.
Prayers for the soul of my mother who is now at rest with Jesus Christ, and for those she leaves behind.
- Elizabeth C
Most gracious Lord, please guide my son, Ted, to the right path for securing a job. Give him strength and confidence to interview well and present himself as a worthy candidate for the position he seeks.
- Quin P.
Please pray for everyone who has lost a loved one and let GOD be all of their strengths through this difficult time.
- Jeff K.
Please pray for my daughter's health to improve so that she can feel better about taking care of her new baby. Her pain is constant and she is struggling. In Jesus' name I pray.