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The prayers on this page are also being prayed by The Episcopal Community
I am looking for a church home . I've visited several in my community but I have not found one here locally. Pray that I find the right one for me.
- Susan G.
Please pray that the truth of an issue at work will be revealed and resolved. I am so very worried and frightened.
- Mom
Praying for God's guidance and healing. I'm going through much emotional and physical pain. My faith has been sorely tested and I feel so alone and helpless. Please pray that I can learn to trust God's will.
- Wendy G.
I just pray that I will not face the same assaults and unanswered prayers that I faced in 1998-99. Pray for my protection and that my faith can be built up again. It has suffered greatly since then.
- Brian
Lord heal the wound between my mother and me and let us see the love we have for each other. Keep Mom close, safe and comfortable.
- George M.
Please pray for me I'm going through a difficult situation that is causing emotional and physical problems. Pray that several resolutions happen for me. Thank you and God Bless.
- Diane M.
Prayers for my health and well being. I am going through a stressful situation and asked for God's guidance for inner peace, support, strength and His embracing love.
- Beth
Prayers for Doug, may he seek forgiveness and know that he can let go of resentment and find the peace that passes all understanding.
- Beth
Prayers that Rob's eyes may be opened to the situation of domestic violence and his heart be open to God's compassion and understanding. It is a crime, and therefore all our concern. I am asking for support and prayers for my daughter, who is in a domestic violence relationship with her boyfriend. Rob is a family member, who is unwilling to acknowledge the seriousness of this situation. I pray to seek help and support for my daughter and that God is there for my daughter, protecting her and embracing her with His deep and profound love.
- Beth W