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The prayers on this page are also being prayed by The Episcopal Community
Please pray for that God help me to restore my health, and not to lost my salvation and my job as a workman II in the Administration Wing.
- li
Pray that I can overcome this fugue that I am in. That God will show me the way to where I am needed. To what faith is right for me.
- Brandon V.
Heavenly Father, I ask that you shroud me in your love, so that when I am challenged with doubt, I feel your love, and know you walk with me.
- Bobby
Please Pray with me that the lord will provide resources for my training in ministry. I do not have the funding for the programme.
- James O
Dear Heavenly Father, Please watch and guide my little sisters as they enter a new stage of their lives. In your name we pray, Amen.
- Natalie S.
SORRY TO ASK YOU AGAIN THANKS FOR YOUR HELP please pray jesus for me to be luckier in life and to give me more success
- ludovic sarraz-bournet
Please pray to be guided by my Savior,be disciplined,be good parent,to sleep better,fight addictions,reconcile relationship, feel less lonely and unloved. Amen
- vlado
Please pray for my cousin Jeff who's cancer has returned and is need of a bone donor match
- Joe
Fast & pray. Heavenly father shower YOUR mercy-grace on us (me, daughter & husband) forgive all our sins, deliver us from devil’s chain, heal our mind-body-soul
- Jilian