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Most merciful God, thank you for guiding and directing my dear brother toward your vision for his life. Thank you for healing him and helping him become the man you intended him to be.
- JD
Please pray for me as I start my journey in following Christ through the ministry of the priesthood in Europe
- Andres Ikaika Kulia Olleros Alapai
Please pray for my daughters, one is overwhelmed with school issues and work, other is deciding on future of her education. May god grant clarity for both of them.
- lcmsa
In thanksgiving for God giving us more than we deserve especially after several years of being without. God is good
- lcmsa
Please pray for my two daughters, both are making major decisions in their lives. May God provide light in their lives, even if they dont know what it is.
- lcmsa
Prayers for burn victims everywhere.
- Elisabeth A
Forgive me, but I am praying for the Mother of the man arrested in Brussels - (Abdeselam), and possibly the other mothers.
- Elizabeth A
please pray for release from alcoholism for my son John, that God will grasp his soul in his healing hands
- Janene g
Father I come to you with a broken heart. Your word says that you come to the broken hearted. Father, my bad and selfish behavior drove Debra away. She is the love of my life. Please God speak to her heart to give me one more chance to show her that I am the man and life partner she deserves. Please whisper to her soul that I love her so much and am so sad without her. I will not make the same mistakes again. I humbly ask this in Jesus name. Amen.
- John Gacinski.