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God, You knows my pain, You know what was happened. You see everything, i came with a broken heart. he continued to hurt me and always acted as if nothing happened, insult me and throw me. I tried to cover my feelings from everyone, every day i struggle past the pain. but i couldn't stop waiting for his promise responsible on me. I am still waiting for the miracle to come one day and I was waiting for the touch of who reject and hurt me. God i can't do anything without Your blessing. I need You Father, i need You, please don't leave me. Please Father, help me, I'm tired of crying, pain and suffering make me losing my mind. I really love him, but all that couldn't touch his heart, please help Father touched D. Aditya heart for me. Father, give me patience and strength, even if it really hurts for me, please continue beside me, hold my hand and never left me whatever happens, I put the disappointments, pain and my whole hope in Your hands, please giving miracles for me.
- Josephine
Dear Heavenly Father, please help my sister-in-law open her heart, mind and person to the knowledge of your ever loving and healing presence. Comfort her and her family as they face together the affliction of cancer. Let her find the courage and strength to face the uncertainty each day brings. All this we ask in the name of your Son, Jesus Christ.
- Bill W
For courage to try to go to the little church by my house for the first time. I never seem to feel a genuine welcome anywhere. For the means to be able to visit J after he moves. It would really mean a lot to the both of us. He needs me and I need him.
- missy
For my parents - all 4 of them - who are each being cared for in different facilities, that they may know that they are loved, feel Christ's presence, and that they may heal so that we can be together for Christmas.
- Amy
Dear sir please pray for me urgently to set admission in medical course. my medical course admission is on going yet. Your prayer could change my life, if I could not, than my life got to end of hope this is my last chance. So please brother and sister and lovely father don't ignore this because this is serious case of my life. I beg you to pray in the feet of heavenly Father in account of my desire. Please pray deaply required because it's my life question. Thanks for pray for me In the name of Jesus Christ
- Bans Raj
Praying Kathy, Dave, and their children. Cancer is a nasty disease and they have been battling. Their spirits are up and we all feel so helpless. So help us pray for them.
- Brian
Lord please let there be someone for me to grow old with.
- m pierce
Pray for the unity of my family without malice.
- A.gloria
Please pray for the soul of Roosevelt Dunn Jr...
- Susan S.