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The prayers on this page are also being prayed by The Episcopal Community
Please grant me patience during this time in my life and the knowledge that all will be well soon.
- Robin
I ask that you pray for coach Steve. He was admitted to the hospital
- The Bard family
Being older, my job search is taking it's toll on me. I am eager and willing to do anything that I can do.
- Annonymous
Bless Taylor and our future together! Let God be in our lives and keep us strong and faithful in our love and our walk with God!
- Drea
Please pray for The Reverend Andrew Thayer. Andrew will be in surgery tomorrow to remove a tumor from his spine. I pray for a very positive report. In Christ name I pray.
- Andi
Pray that me and my kids get a house we are homeless
- kemia hawkins
Pray that the Spirit of the Loving Christ gathers the hearts of all believers closer together and also that He grant me a part time office/janitorial job.
- william k.
Please pray for my daughter that all details of finances would be settled in tonight's meeting. Her husband has been dark, deceitful and involved with another woman.
- Sarah L
Pray for my daughter that the test being done on Tursday for ovarian cancer comes back negative. Thank you.
- Sue C