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The prayers on this page are also being prayed by The Episcopal Community
Please pray for my sister Janet Bolduc? She had some cancer removed hopefully its gone.
- Jesse H. Neylans
Dear Lord, Help me guide my son back to believing in you. He has lost his way of faith, and I do not know what to do.
pray for my upcoming exam results to pass with good grades and good job soon and divine health and healing
- anonymous
Dear Lord Please grant me the wisdom, courage and strength to do what you would have me do at St. Andrews.
- SEDr
Dear Lord, please help B to find the path to healing and wholeness in you. Please help R to grow up whole and healthy in you. Thank you.
- a wellwisher
Please, pray for my physical health as I battle a nasty stomach virus. Moreover, pray for my mental health as I battle depression.
- Brandon G
I love you
- heather
Please pray for Molly and Teddy's full recovery, physical and spiritual. They were in a serious wreck. Thanks.
- Momma P
Dear Lord, Please help my grandson and his mother. Heal their relationship, restore the closeness that existed.Remove the anger and heal the hurts. Give guidance and direction to the parents. Give the family a restorative and peaceful night of deep rest. In the morning may they feel that the Holy Spirit has touched them.
- Katherine C.