An Episcopal Dictionary of the Church

Book Annexed, The

A shortened form of the title of The Book Annexed to the Report of the Joint Committee on the Book of Common Prayer Appointed by the General Convention of MDCCCLXXX or of The Book Annexed . . . As Modified by the Action of the General Convention of MDCCCLXXXIII. These books were published in 1883 and 1885 in elegant quarto and octavo forms at the expense of J. P. Morgan for the use of deputies to the General Conventions of 1883 and 1886. They were complete Prayer Books which embodied the changes being proposed to the 1883 General Convention and those that were accepted at that convention. The later book was modified in the conventions of 1886 and 1889, but most of the changes that were accepted in the Prayer Book revision finalized in 1892 are changes that appeared in The Book Annexed published in 1883. Much of the new material in The Book Annexed of 1883 had been in William Reed Huntington's Materia Ritualis, An Appendix to a Paper on “The Revision of the Common Prayer” in The American Church Review for Apr. 1881 (Worcester, 1882).

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