Bulletin Insert: Trinity Sunday (C) - Presiding Bishop's Invitation to the Annual Appeal - June 16, 2019

June 16, 2019

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

I write to invite you to support our Episcopal Church’s Annual Appeal. This Church-wide Appeal is one tangible way to support our ministry of and witness to the Way of Love that Jesus taught in our time and in the wider world. Let me show you what I mean.

In the first century, Jesus of Nazareth inspired a movement. It was a movement of people whose lives were centered on Jesus and who were committed to living His way, which is the way of the cross, the way of God’s unconditional, unselfish, sacrificial, and redemptive love. Today our vocation is, I believe, to be that movement of Jesus, living and bearing witness to this Way of Love in our time. The Annual Appeal is one tangible way to support that witness to this Way of Love in the wider world.

For example, this Appeal helps us not only heed our collective call of continuing to ‘welcome the stranger’ through Episcopal Migration Ministries, it helps grow our newly-launched network called Partners in Welcome; brought together to build a community of support and solidarity for welcoming newcomers to our country, and led by two staff persons who assist in its discernment, development and ministry to the whole Church. In so doing, we witness to the Way of Love.

Episcopal Bulletin Insert Annual AppealThis Appeal helps lift up 37 Young Adult Service Corps members and other missionaries serving and witnessing to the Way of Love in 17 countries beyond the United States. The work is transformative for both the missionaries and the communities in which they serve. The Appeal helps sustain the 110 federal chaplains who serve men and women in the military, reserves, auxiliaries (Civil Air Patrol and Coast Guard), Veterans Administration hospitals, and federal prisons. These chaplains provide spiritual and day-to-day support to service men and women on ships and land, veterans requiring medical services, and the incarcerated. Their witness to the Way of Love, as the way of Jesus, the way of the Christian, is a particular and important witness. And they are, literally, around the world.

The General Convention of our Church gave us a goal of raising $1 million over the 2019-2021 triennium, with every dollar going to support the collective ministries of a Church that welcomes refugees around the United States, plants churches, evangelizes the Good News of Jesus Christ, proclaims the Way of Love to countless individuals, and does so much more.

Please join me in this effort. I ask on behalf of the thousands of men, women, and children who, through the practice of giving, are blessed by your love and care. I invite you to join me in making a gift of any amount, prayerfully considering that God is guiding your faith in our Church.

There are many ways you can participate, including giving securely online at episcopalchurch.org/give/annual-appeal, or texting ‘APPEAL’ to 91999.

Thank you. The work that we join in together makes a difference – not only in our lives but in the lives of others across God’s world.

Your brother in Christ,

The Most Reverend Michael Bruce Curry
Presiding Bishop and Primate
The Episcopal Church


Christopher Sikkema