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Micks, Marianne Hoffman

(Apr. 30, 1923-Nov. 4, 1997). Theologian and seminary professor. She was born in Seneca Falls, New York. Micks received her A.B. from Smith College in 1945, and her M.R.E. from Columbia University in 1948. In 1957 she and a classmate were the first two women to earn a degree from an Episcopal seminary. They received the B.D. from the Church Divinity School of the Pacific. In 1960 Micks received her Ph.D. from Yale University. From 1960 until 1974 she was professor of religion and dean at Western College, Oxford, Ohio. In 1974 Micks joined the faculty of Virginia Theological Seminary as Professor of Theology. She held this position until her retirement in 1988. Micks also taught occasional courses at the General Theological Seminary, Episcopal Theological Seminary of the Southwest, and Berea College. She was a member of the American Academy of Religion, the American Theological Society, and the Joint Commission on Ecumenical Relations. She was a participant in Lutheran-Episcopal Dialogue III, and was president of the Conference of Anglican Theologians, 1987-1988. Micks was the author of eight books, including Introduction to Theology (1964, revised 1983), Loving the Questions: Reflections on the Nicene Creed (1993), and Deep Waters: An Introduction to Baptism (1996).

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