Mollegen, Albert Theodore

(Feb. 17, 1906-Jan. 22, 1984). Seminary professor and theologian. He held the chair of New Testament Language and Literature and later the Clinton S. Quin Chair of Christian Ethics at Virginia Theological Seminary from 1936 until his retirement in 1974. As one of Paul Tillich's first American students, Mollegen became one of Tillich's most sympathetic and effective interpreters. He served as deputy to six General Conventions and on the Standing Commission on Ecumenical Relations for ten years. He was most noted as an apologist for liberal evangelicalism, and in 1947 he founded an association called Christianity and Modern Man. This association anticipated modern theological education for laity by many years. Mollegen wrote Christianity and Modern Man (1961), The Christianity of St. Paul (1956), and The Faith of Christians (1954).