Year B

Lesson Plans

Jesus takes Peter, John, and James up a mountain to pray.

The season of Ordinary Time continues for two more Sundays.

A beautiful building, the Temple – laboriously built and the pride of the people.

My kingdom is not of this world. My kingdom is not won in a battle.

The question from the disciples this week is not meant to be one to challenge or trip Jesus up. 

We step aside from the flow of the propers and celebrate all the saints. We stop. We notice.

No ceremony, no pomposity, no swooping in with fuss and feathers.

How in the world will we find our place, our position, our status, if we are already "in?” What

What does it take to get in? That’s the question that Jesus is asked.

The Pharisees continue to try to trap Jesus. Divorce: “Is it lawful?” the Pharisees ask.