Asiamerica Ministries

Asiamerica Ministries


September 28, 2018

The Rev. Winfred Vergara, the Episcopal Church’s Asiamerica missioner; the Rt. Rev. Allen K. Shin, bishop suffragan in the Diocese of New York; the Rev. Randolph Albano, vicar of St. Paul’s Episcopal Church in Honolulu; and Rosa Galanto, a member of St. Paul’s, pose for...

July 19, 2018

By: Winfred B. Vergara

Let me begin by sharing something about Austin which some of you may probably know. Austin is the capital of Texas, the imposing state capitol features the Goddess Liberty holding a star. The population of metro-Austin is around 2 million people. There are some 60,000 new people who come...

April 30, 2018

Registration is now open for the Episcopal Asiamerica Ministries National Consultation on September 27-October 1 in Honolulu, Hawaii.

The theme of the event is Piko-Celebrate Christ, Community and Creation. Piko is the Hawaiian word for navel. “Jesus Christ is the Piko, the navel or...