Human Rights

Human Rights


September 4, 2018

This August, the UN’s Department of Public Information (DPI) gathered 2,300 civil society participants for the 67th UN DPI NGO Conference, a signature, quasi-annual event that DPI organizes with civil society organizations to reflect on relevant UN themes. This year’s conference  convened...

February 6, 2015

By: episcoglobal

World Mission Sunday is February 15!  To prepare ourselves to celebrate the many ways in which The Episcopal Church participates in God’s mission around the world, we present these blogs from our missionaries.

Guest Blogger: Alan Yarborough from the dioceses of Upper South Carolina and...

May 22, 2013

May 23, 2013


The Honorable Barbara Mikulski                                         The Honorable Richard Shelby

Chairwoman                                                                       Ranking Member

Senate Appropriations Committee...

May 17, 2013

By: Bronwyn

As a child of the 60’s who spent time as a teenager campaigning to gain passage of the Equal Rights Amendment, I was more than thrilled this week as my residential home state of Minnesota legislated marriage equality.

I am painfully aware of the theological and faithful differences of...

July 25, 2011

Dear Member of Congress,

As organizations committed to refugee protection, assistance and resettlement, we write to urge you to co-sponsor H.R. 2404, the Torture Victims Relief Reauthorization Act (TVRA) of 2011. An important piece of legislation with a strong history of bipartisan...

April 27, 2011

As the U.S. government considers overhauling a 35-year-old policy on toxic chemicals, 34 religious groups have released interfaith and Christian principles to guide chemical policy reform.

"Our current national chemical policy has not sufficiently protected human bodies, God's creation,...

March 23, 2011

I came to El Salvador in 2005 as a recent college graduate on a vocational pilgrimage with an academic interest in foreign policy and a desire to gain experience in human rights work. In my personal quest to understand human rights in El Salvador, the palpable and ongoing witness of El Salvador...

February 1, 2011


Dear President Obama   As faith organizations committed to welcoming the strangers in our midst and to bringing those on the margins into the full inclusion of our communities, we are alarmed and dismayed by the recent ICE raids in Washington and Michigan. These massive raids tear...

January 27, 2011

The brutal murder of Ugandan gay rights activist David Kato has left much of the world in shock and caused outrage among Episcopalians who have repeatedly called for the church and society to step up the campaign to combat homophobia throughout the world.

The Rev. Cynthia Black, interim...

August 12, 2010

Earlier this summer, Benjamin Bayles and Jovelito Agustin, two members of the Philippine Independent Church -- a body in full communion with the Episcopal Church -- were murdered in the wake of their activism on behalf of human- and labor rights. These killings follow the high-profile...


Bulletin Inserts

December 7 bulletin inserts mark 60th anniversary of Human Rights Day.

The World Health Organization's multi-country study on Women's Health and Domestic Violence agai

It is estimated that as many as 4 million people are trafficked each year, the majority of which