September 9, 2011

Bishop of Harare Nicholas Chad Gandiya has said he is suspicious of a robbery at his house in which only money and communications equipment were taken.

On the same day that international media carried the news of the arrest and imprisonment of the Rev. Julius Zimbudzana, an Anglican...

August 30, 2011

Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams is planning to visit Zimbabwe in October as part of a wider trip to Africa and hopes to meet with President Robert Mugabe to discuss a brutal dispute over church properties.

Williams will be visiting Zimbabwe, Malawi and Zambia as part of "a...

August 25, 2011

Beatings and evictions of Anglican priests in Zimbabwe have caused the church there to appeal a legal decision that has granted custody of its property to excommunicated bishop Nolbert Kunonga.

The church's decision to instruct its lawyer to file a constitutional appeal against the Aug...

August 16, 2011

A Zimbabwe Anglican priest and his family have been evicted from their home by priests loyal to excommunicated bishop Nolbert Kunonga. Others across the diocese have also been ordered to leave.

The Rev. Dzikamai Mudenda, his wife and their extended family were forced to leave St. James...

August 10, 2011

Anglican priests and their families in Zimbabwe may face eviction following a high court ruling awarding custodianship of Anglican church properties to excommunicated bishop Dr. Nolbert Kunonga.

Bishop of Harare the Rt. Rev. Chad Gandiya has predicted "distress and chaos" for Anglican...

June 28, 2011

Tens of thousands of people -- including all the Central Africa bishops -- flocked to the Bernard Mizeki celebrations in Zimbabwe this weekend, despite being denied access to the shrine itself by the authorities.

Between 10,000 and 15,000 people came to the Marondera Show Grounds to...

June 23, 2011

For the second year running, Anglicans in Zimbabwe have been forced to find another place to mark the memorial of African martyr Bernard Mizeki after being denied access to their official shrine.

Last year worshippers, who had traveled from all over the country, were driven away by the...

October 18, 2010

Human rights activists have praised Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams for showing concern about the safety problems failed Zimbabwean asylum seekers face if they are forced to return and live under the regime of President Robert Mugabe.

"I would love to see more and more Christians...

May 5, 2010

Zimbabwe's Supreme Court May 3 dismissed a Church of the Province of Central Africa appeal that challenged a 2009 High Court decision recognizing excommunicated Diocese of Harare bishop Nolbert Kunonga and his breakaway faction as legitimate Anglicans.

The Anglican province's appeal was...

April 29, 2010

Diocese of Harare Bishop Chad Gandiya issued a letter April 28 saying the police repression of Anglicans in and around Zimbabwe's national capital city has intensified.

He noted that Vice President John Nkomo and government ministers Sekai Holland and Gibson Sibanda (all members of the...