Development Office

What We Do
The Development Office of The Episcopal Church is a ministry to Episcopalians, helping to educate them about the connection of their personal values with the Church’s mission and needs, and then cultivating, soliciting, and stewarding them.
Jesus talks about money more than any other subject; and we believe that it is important for us to talk about it, too – openly, candidly and without embarrassment. How we use our money is a direct reflection of our values. It impacts our spiritual lives and the lives of those around us, near and far. Thoughtful, prayerful usage can deepen our faith and bring unfathomable joy.
As a new entity, authorized by the 77th General Convention and funded as of January 1, 2013, we pursue our work in a variety ways.
Our fundraising priorities include The Episcopal Diocese of Haiti and the Navajoland Area Mission. Both of these entities are involved in exciting ministries, and raising up young and dynamic leadership, but they lack the resources - both financial and personnel - to meet their needs. And these needs exceed the capacity of any one Episcopal entity to meet. Hence, a churchwide Development Office, which can reach out to the wider Church to help and heal and work together for the good of all.