Focus on the Future: The Episcopal Diocese of Haiti

Holy Trinity site clearing begun

More than five years after a major earthquake destroyed historic Holy Trinity Cathedral in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, work has begun to clear the site as a first step toward rebuilding this iconic symbol of hope, life, and faith.

The work of rebuilding the Cathedral has been greatly hindered not only by the physical devastation but also by the nearly complete destruction of Haiti’s already fragile infrastructure.

At Holy Trinity Cathedral, worshippers have continued to gather faithfully week by week in a temporary structure. The Holy Trinity site also houses St. Margaret’s Convent, Holy Trinity Primary and Secondary School, and Holy Trinity Music School.

In spite of the great challenge and many obstacles they face, the members of the Holy Trinity community have shown miraculous resilience and have demonstrated that the Church is people of God doing the work of the Church as they gather to worship, pray, serve, learn, and reach beyond themselves in the name and service of Christ.

Like ancient cathedrals around the world, Holy Trinity is a powerful focal point for faith and spirituality, as well as for light, art, and education. It also serves as a sacramental sign of God’s promise that devastation and destruction are not the end.

Now, the work of the Church, as supporters of our brothers and sisters in Haiti, is to share from our abundance to rebuild Holy Trinity Cathedral and give its community a place from which their service may continue to grow and flourish.

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