Global Covenants

From its inception, the Episcopal Church has been a missionary church. Ever since we gained autonomy from the Church of England, Episcopalians have responded to Christ’s call, sharing the Gospel with people in North America, throughout Latin America and the Caribbean islands, even reaching to Africa, Asia and the Pacific Rim.

This missionary endeavor resulted in new churches, dioceses and even Provinces of the Anglican Communion. These provinces continue to be our key partners today, long after their independence from the Episcopal Church. Foundations in Liberia, the Philippines, Mexico, Brazil and throughout Central America remain close to their roots in the church.

To honor these partnerships, global covenants with financial provisions were created and signed together. These covenants provide support to help propel the new provinces into the future. And even though some of these agreements have fulfilled their financial commitments, our relationships of affection continue as we journey as equal partners.

Global PartnershipsCONTACT: The Rev. David Copley
Director of Global Partnerships and Mission Personnel




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