Older Adult Ministries

Young and OldMore than one in three Episcopalians is over the age of 65, and another 41% of Episcopalians are between the ages of 45 to 64. That means three of every four members of the Episcopal Church are age 45 or older. In terms of economic stressors alone (retirement age, technology gaps, social services, Social Security, and Medicare) the impact of this demographic group on local congregations is profound.

In recognition of this, the 2003 General Convention passed resolution A007, establishing the Task Force for Older Adult Ministries. In 2009, General Convention passed a further resolution, D004, recognizing the church's need for Older Adult Ministry and the importance of endeavoring to answer the following questions:

How do we recognize, honor, and utilize the experience, wisdom, and gifts of  "older" adults?

How do we develop ministries that integrate and weave multiple generations together spiritually?

How do we cultivate Christ's message of hope and service for older adults, families, and their caregivers?

How do we examine, explore, and create innovative and contemporary liturgical, spiritual, and service ministries by, with, and for all generations in the Body of Christ?

Aging is Changing

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