Calvary Episcopal Church, Memphis, TN

Contact Information

The Rev. Christopher D. Girata, Rector

The Rev. Eyleen Farmer, Associate Rector

The Rev. Paul McLain, Associate Rector

The Rev. Audrey Gonzalez, Assisting Priest

The Ven. Mimsy Jones, Archdeacon

(901) 525-6602
(901) 525-5156
West Tennessee
About Us: 

Our mission at Calvary is MAKING GOD’S LOVE VISIBLE IN DOWNTOWN MEMPHIS. We believe that God’s love was made visible in our world through the life Jesus lived and the things Jesus taught. We try to continue his work in our own time and place. Our weekday and Sunday worship services and our community ministries are dedicated to doing just that.

This is a welcoming community built on inquiry and forgiveness. Although we are passionate about our faith and commitments, we are diverse in our opinions and want to be open to learning from those who are different from us. Like Anglicans of old, it is our shared worship and our ministry to others that holds us together. A group of Calvary parishioners developed an acronym to describe their church and its core values. The words they used were: Forgiveness, Action, Inquiry, Togetherness, and Hallelujah!  Lined up in the right order, the words spell “FAITH.” 

We look forward to talking with you online, via telephone, or in person.


102 North Second Street
Memphis, TN 38103
United States