Cathedral Church of St. Paul, Burlington, VT

Contact Information

The Very Rev. Jeanne Finan ~ Dean and Rector

About Us: 

Our Vision

An innovative city Cathedral, an inclusive Christian community – loving, exploring, and serving. 

Our Mission

St. Paul’s Cathedral is an outward, activist community of Christian faith. It is a place of sanctuary, healing, inclusion, challenge, and compassion. We strive to be a soul-inspiring, mind-stretching, heart-healing center of unconditional surrender to the freedom of God, a place of hope and hospitality.

Our Core Values

We believe that the way of Jesus is a way of life.  We model our lives as witness to God’s continuing work in the world. We take risks in living out the demands of the Gospel.  We offer ourselves each day —  time, talents, money — so that the Gospel will shine in the world. We celebrate the liberatory invitation of scripture in both tradition and lived experience. We commit to proclaiming a forward-looking and inquiring faith.

We believe that God’s Church is an affirming and open faith community. We welcome all people; we hear and respect different voices. We strive to be a place where all people are loved and love to be. We care for each other in times of sickness and need.  We commit to removing the physical and cultural barriers that limit access to Cathedral life.

We believe worship is the core of our life in community.  We provide diverse opportunities for worship through liturgy and prayer. We seek to honor tradition while also inviting change and growth. We integrate art and music into the worship space. We embody Christian pilgrimage as we move among lectern, baptismal font and table. We commit to gathering around the altar and, sustained by the Eucharist, living the dismissal’s demand to “go in peace to love and serve the Lord.”

We believe that the practice of stewardship for sustainability of God’s Creation is part of our responsibility as Christians.  We intend to live into a deeper awareness of God’s vision of justice and wholeness for all creation, and to uphold God’s sacred vision that moves us to practice sustainability as part of our global culture.

We believe that God calls us to commit to and work for social justice and service in the broader community. We initiate and support programs that address needs in the world around us.  We commit to an activist Christian faith that challenges oppressive structures and advocates for just public policy.

We believe lifelong Christian formation transforms and sustains us on the journey.  We value and support lay leadership, strong involvement, and interactive participation of our members. We commit to honoring questions over easy answers and to providing education programs for everyone.

We believe in our mission as the Cathedral Church of the Diocese of Vermont.  We value our role as the seat of the Bishop. We serve the Diocese as a gathering place for the people, a model of innovation in liturgy and Christian formation, and a catalyst for new initiatives. We invite all Vermont Episcopalians to partner with the ministries of the Cathedral.


2 Cherry Street
Burlington, VT 05401
United States