Christ Church, Morristown, NY

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The Rev. Edgar A. LaCombe III - Rector

Rector: (315)7509768 or Church: (315) 375-4497
About Us: 

A Hospital for Sinners, Not a Museum for Saints . . .

This has been the credo of this little Episcopal parish family since it reopened on  July 4, 1976 (the Nation’s Bi-Centennial); for we embrace the understanding that true healing comes in a very special way through the transforming, life giving grace of God experienced through the power of the Holy Spirit. Our parish, which was started in Morristown, NY in 1823, is renowned throughout our Diocese as a pioneer in the Charismatic Renewal Movement and the Healing Ministries now found throughout the Church.

“Home,” is the word most members use to describe this relaxed and welcoming community of faith as it continues in its tradition of providing a warm and welcoming place where the “Good News of Christ Jesus is proclaimed, people are redeemed and lives restored.” Young families with kids, singles, seniors, people with complex life situations and anyone in between, all are welcome to this place where Christ Jesus has made himself known through the power of the Holy Spirit.


601 Main St.
Morristown, NY 13664-0016
United States