Christ Church, Teaneck, NJ

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The Rev. Michelle White~ Vicar-in-charge

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About Us: 
Our Mission
Christ Episcopal Church is a community of faith within the Anglican tradition, founded in 1913 and gathering in the heart of the suburban community of Teaneck, New Jersey.
We believe that Christ and the Divine Word stand at the center of our parish life, and that our celebration and worship are the focal points of our common life together.  It is within our Eucharist that we are fed, we are forgiven, and we are renewed.
We are a growing and diverse congregation.  Our members come in different colors and shades, from different walks of life, have learned in varied religious traditions, speak with many different melodies and accents, espouse different social and theological beliefs, and live out their lives in differing ways.
Flowing out of our past struggles and challenges is our love for one another which we believe, is the primary call and fundamental sign of our Christianity. 

We understand the Anglican tradition of diversity in belief yet unity in practice, and we commit ourselves to living within the tension of our differences.  And most of all we believe that this is our calling and charisma:  That we worship learn, evangelize, and reach out to others, in the knowledge that the love of God and our love of one another frees us all and makes us one.


480 Warwick Avenue
Teaneck, NJ 07666
United States