Church of the Good Shepherd, Pawtucket, RI

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The Rev. Gillian Barr ~ Priest-in-Charge

Rhode Island
About Us: 

The mission of the Church of the Good Shepherd is to be a community of faithful Christians, committed to the proclamation - through word and action - of God's redemptive love for the world.


Good Shepherd Parish strives to create an atmosphere of openness and acceptance recognizing each individual as a special gift from God offering unique talents to the parish community.


Good Shepherd Parish gives witness to and celebrates the risen Christ’s presence in the life of each person. Knowing that all things in this world are gifts of God, presented to us so that we can know God more closely and make a return of love more readily; recognizing God as the Origin of Life, the giver of freedom and the source of all that we have and are and will be; knowing ourselves to be recipients and caretakers of God’s many gifts; grateful for all that we have received; eager to cultivate our gifts out of love for God and one another. We, as a Parish, prayerfully and joyously serve our community, following the example and command of Jesus, The Good Shepherd.


490 Broadway
Pawtucket, RI 02860-1340
United States