St. Jude's Episcopal Church, Marietta, GA

Contact Information

The Rev. Canon Charles B. Fulton, Priest-in-charge

About Us: 

Our Vision:
St. Jude's Church is a Christian Community whose commitment to faith and works in action demands responsibility for pastoral care of God's people and the evangelization of our world.

Our Core Values:
Lordship of Jesus: 
Jesus Christ is the Lord of this church and our lives. Our services and Christian education offer Christ-centered worship and teachings.

Authority of Scripture: Scripture is the foundation of our teachings and ministries. We strive to provide practical, Biblical insights for living.

Holy Spirit Ministry: We seek the anointing power of The Holy Spirit on all aspects of our Church.

Prayer and Praise: We pray together daily as a staff and as individuals to offer all of our labors as an offering of praise to God.

Evangelism and Discipleship: Inherent to our work is a response to God’s command to spread the Good News of God in Jesus Christ and to disciple others in faith and ministry.

Our History:

The first services for St. Jude’s were held in 1956. Various, temporary locations were used until the completion of the current Parish Hall in 1957. The Parish Hall served as the Sanctuary until completion of the current Sanctuary in 1965. Multiple other facilities have been added creating what is today an outstanding facility dedicated to GOD and his work in this world.


220 Windy Hill Road SW
Marietta, GA 30060-5547
United States