St. Luke's Episcopal Church, Rogers City, MI

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Pastor Charles Schultz

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   St. Luke's is located at 120 N. First Street in Rogers City, MI   At this time we are without full time clergy.  Pastor Charles Schultz an ordanined ELCA minister celebrates communion services twice a month.  Kenneth Radzibon and Peggy Parsons are Eucharistic ministers, lay readers and visitors.   Ken and Peggy lead Morning Prayer services on the Sundays when we do not have communion.  Services are Sunday mornings at 9:30 a.m.

  St. Luke's is one block from Lake Huron.  Commercial boats travel in and out of the limestone quarry located a couple of miles from St. Luke's.   There is also a marina a block from the church.  Both commerial and private boat captains have told us how they use our church cross to guide them into harbor.   Church members have been impressed with this information.  As a result we worked together with Moran Iron Wokds a company located in Onaway MI and we now have a purple lighted cross on the church spire.  A much larger and brighter guide for those traveling on the lake. 

  Our windows have been replaced with stained glass that was planned to reflect the surrounding enviroment.  The windows glorify the beauty of God's creations.  A local artist was commissioned to make these windows.  A view from the pews affords an opportunity to appreciate  the surrounding natural beauty of the area.

  The members are in the process of planning a memorial guarden on the adjoining corner property.  This will include a walkway, benches and meditation areas.  We pray this will be a welcoming space for people of all faiths. 




120 North 1st Street P.O. Box 110
Rogers City, MI 49779
United States

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