St. Mary's Episcopal Church, Bolton, MS

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The Very Rev. Billie Abraham ~ Rector

The Rev. Deacon Josie Williams

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St. Mary'sSt. Mary’s, located in the heart of Bolton, is one of the oldest Episcopal churches in Hinds County. As early as 1855, Bishop William Mercer Green, the first bishop of Mississippi, celebrated the Holy Eucharist in Bolton. Following the service, Bishop Green wrote in his journal: “The day was pleasant and I found, on my arrival, a large congregation of blacks as well as whites comfortably seated under the cotton shed. The crude extemporary seats were covered with clean cotton bagging and set on a triple tier of bales.”

The cotton-shed service compelled local villagers to work for the establishment of an Episcopal Church in Bolton. On April 8th, 1872, members of the vestry signed articles related to the organization of St. Mary’s Church. Four years later the church was built and the first service in the new church was held April 10th, 1876, with Bishop Green officiating.

The Collect for the occasion proclaimed: “O most glorious God, whom the heaven of heavens cannot contain; Graciously accept the Dedication of this place to thy service; and grant that all who shall call upon thee here may worship thee in spirit and in truth, and may their lives show forth thy praise: through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen”

Bishop Green later made note of the historic service in his journal: “Preached at Bolton in their new and beautiful church, which, though in an unfinished state, may claim, both in design and workmanship, to be an ornament to the Diocese, and a monument in praise of the taste and labor of the builders.”

After being closed for nearly two decades, St. Mary's doors were opened on September 12, 2010, the Holy Eucharist was celebrated. The Reverend Billie Abraham, rector of St. Alban’s Episcopal Church at Bovina, officiated. Since then, St. Mary's has been named a Mission Station of St. Alban's Episcopal Church at Bovina. The occasion was celebrated at the 185th Annual Council.

St. Mary's has iniated the Second Sunday Series where quality preformances by local musical and/or lectures and celebration of the Eucharist have filled the church to capacity.



209 E. Madison St.
Bolton, MS 39041
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