St. Mary's Episcopal Church, Manhattanville, New York, NY

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The Rev. Dr. Earl Kooperkamp

(212) 864-4013
New York
About Us: 


The “We Are Not Afraid!” Episcopal Church,
Serving the West Harlem Community since 1823

St. Mary’s Manhattanville is the “I am not afraid” church,
standing up as a community of faith in West Harlem to pursue
justice and peace for the poor and oppressed, to pray and care
for the sick, lonely and at risk and to put into practice the
message of the Gospel by the power of the Holy Spirit. “Do not
be afraid” Luke 1:30

Santa Maria Manhattanville es la iglesia “sin
mideo,” buscando paz y justicia al lado de los pobres y los
oprimidos, rezando por cuidando a los enfermos, solitarios y
marginados, y practicando el mensaje del Evangelio con la
fuerza del Espiritu Santo. “No temas” San Lucas


521 W. 126th St.
New York, NY 10027-2496
United States